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Traffic offences

Being charged with a traffic offence can have a severe impact on a person’s life and livelihood.  People charged with traffic offences face a loss of driver’s licence and/or a recorded conviction in addition to often heavy fines and in some cases even jail. 

At Townes & Associates we bring a decade of experience in both prosecuting and defending traffic offences and we offer this section of our website to describe the most common traffic charges in Queensland and the range of options available for a person to keep their driver’s licence. 

If you or a loved one are facing a traffic charge you should contact Townes & Associates for a cost and obligation free discussion about the situation and how we can help.

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Drink Driving

Low range, mid range, high range

Dangerous Driving

Simpliciter, causing GBH, causing death

Drug Driving

With relevant substance present, under the influence

Work Licence

Permission to drive during a court disqualification.

Unlicensed Driving

Simpliciter, SPER suspended, court disqualified

Special Hardship Order

Permission to drive during a licence suspension.

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